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Grannyman Starts Again

[interactive video installation]



The installation consists of a video-projection controlled by a bike-interface. To watch the video the viewer must operate the pedals at the correct pace, neither too fast nor too slow. The video is about a particular superhero, who assembles a spinning wheel from the pieces of his broken bike. With it he transforms the smoke and pollution surrounding him in symbolic threads that weave a more sustainable life. Through stopmotion animation, crochet and dance we talk about cycling in the urban context and aim for a proactive attitude when we come across any difficulties.


This interactive video installation seeks to break the passive attitude of the spectator and invites him to actively be part of the piece. Through this game we want the public to engage into playing so we can bring inside the gallery the playfulness that usually characterizes our street interventions.


Shows & Screenings:

- Swinton Gallery (solo show). Madrid, Spain. 2016.

- 12th International Cycling Film Festival. Germany/Netherlands/Poland. 2017-2018.

- INTERFILM 2016. Berlin, 2016.

- Bicycle Film Festival. New York, U.S.A. 2016.

- Artcycle. Coral Gables Museum. Florida, U.S.A. 2015.

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